Business Is Better When Leaders Keep Learning!

We help organizations strategically develop their leaders – particularly front-line leaders. We provide clear, practical roadmaps, tools, and training for supervisors, coaches of supervisors, and those who have stewardship for the environment in which supervisors operate. In essence, we help organizations succeed at one of the most valuable processes available to them – the process of supervision. Supervision is good for business.

Strategic supervision brings tangible business results in SAFETY, QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY, PROFITABILITY, and MORALE. So, let’s get you the tools you need to dramatically increase supervisory success within your organization!

The Mindset of the Supervisor

Who We Are

Learning Point is a training and consulting firm, based in the great Northwest, that for the past 25 years, has been helping organizations around the world develop their front-line leaders.

Our purpose is to enhance the success of our clients by helping them develop skills and leadership in their supervisors, coaches, and leaders. We know that strategic supervision can drive significant success for businesses. We will help you make it happen and help you measure the results.

What We Do

  • We help you develop front-line leaders
  • We help your leadership team create and sustain strategic supervision
  • We help you strategically coach your supervisors and managers
  • We help your supervisors master the fundamentals of leadership and team dynamics
  • We provide practical tools and best practices that enable supervisors to lead and succeed
Supervisor Boot Camp - Mastering the Fundamentals

Supervisor Boot Camp

Supervisor Boot Camp is an extremely popular supervisor training process that provides managers, supervisors, and team leaders with essential skills for leading others in today’s workplace.

Learn about Strategic Coaching

Strategic Coaching

Strategic Coaching provides managers and senior leaders with a powerful method for strategically developing leadership talent in their direct reports.

Strategic Supervision

Strategic Supervision Overview

This value-added half-day session provides executives and senior leadership with a roadmap and set of tools, templates, and best practices for creating, sustaining, and measuring strategic supervision within their organization.