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Now Is a Great Time for Learning

Posted in: Leadership Development, Learning, Workplace PerformanceNow is a great time for learning. True, many organizations are still struggling to simply survive, let alone worry about learning anything new. The jolt of the economy still has many picking themselves up and dusting themselves off. So, this is not necessarily anRead More

What Is A Meeting Plan?

The most important ingredient to a successful meeting is a clear meeting plan. They also happen to be the most overlooked. Meeting plans play the critical role of helping you plan and prepare for successful meetings. A meeting plan is really just a template to help you prepare effectively forRead More

Team Member Identity: Building the Foundation for a Strong Team

Posted in: Team Tools, Workplace TeamsEstablishing team member identity sets the stage for team trust, synergy, and collaboration. Developing team member identity is helpful when the team is just starting out and also as the team: Brings on new team membersGoes through a reorganizationBegins a new projectChanges individual responsibilitiesSets newRead More

Team Scoreboard:Knowing Where Your Team Stands

Posted in: Team Tools, Workplace Performance, Workplace TeamsWhat is a Team Scoreboard?A team scoreboard is a tool that enables a team to visually monitor and display current team progress on top priorities and goals. It can also be used to organize team information regarding scheduling, training, problem solving, and communication.Read More

Learn to Lead

Posted in: Leadership Development, LeaderStream, LearningClearly, there are several definitions of what leadership is, why it is important, who has it, and who lacks it. Perhaps too many. History has provided numerous examples of leadership. Thousands of books have been written on the subject. But books and examples, by themselves,Read More

Resolving Conflict Through The Power of Curiosity

What are the first three words that come to mind when you think of workplace conflict? Maybe the word messy came to mind. Perhaps you thought of the word uncomfortable. Or maybe the word normal. As you think about this question and words pop into your mind it will probablyRead More

Lead Yourself by Knowing Yourself

Posted in: Leadership Development, LeaderStream, LearningMountain Climber Reaching The Summit Leading others requires leading yourself. And leading yourself begins by knowing yourself. True leadership can happen only as we allow our own authenticity to show through. Our authenticity is at the core of our strength as a leader. Knowing ourselvesRead More

Make a Difference

Posted in: Leadership, Leadership Development, LearningA new year awaits you. Without question, it can be phenomenal. But it’s up to you to make it so. That’s right. You determine what the year will be, for you. In fact, you determine phenomenal for your entire future. You make the difference. IRead More

The Only Resolution You Need To Make in 2023

Posted in: Leadership, Leadership Development, LearningThe Only Resolution You Need To Make in 2014It’s that time again. Time to sit down and make a list of New Year’s Resolutions. For the 3 or 4 of you who make and keep that list, good for you! For the rest of us,Read More

What the Seahawks Taught Me About Leadership

Posted in: Leadership, Leadership Development, Learning, UncategorizedI am a rabid Seattle Seahawks fan. (It doesn’t hurt that I have a family member on the coaching staff.) As one whose work revolves around equipping leaders, managers and supervisors with sound fundamentals, I have watched almost every Seahawks press conference this season.Read More

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