Leadership Boot Camp 2 – Utah

Boot Camp 2 – Master Core Skills


This hands-on workshop is part two of our popular Leadership Boot Camp Series. It focuses on helping you master six core leadership skills:

  • Core Skill 1: Own Your Role
  • Core Skill 2: Build Relationships of Trust
  • Core Skill 3: Interact with Impact
  • Core Skill 4: Coach for Success
  • Core Skill 5: Build Your Team
  • Core Skill 6: Lead Change

You will leave the workshop with practical tools and templates that you can immediately apply on the job.


One Day
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Future Supervisors

Utah Dates in 2019:

October 23, 2019 – OPEN
December 10, 2019 – OPEN

Core Skills

You Will Have Access to Proven Tools to Help You Master Six Core Leadership Skills:
  • Core Skill 1: Own Your Role.  Know your business. Know yourself. Know your people. Know what’s expected. Take ownership and accountability for your success.
  • Core Skill 2: Build Relationships of Trust and Respect.  Know key relationships. Build trust in key relationships. Align working styles. Ensure a balance of needs. Continually care for key relationships.
  • Core Skill 3: Interact with Impact.  Set the stage for collaborative interaction. Engage others for successful conversations. Gain mutual understanding. Seek commitment to action. Follow-up to ensure success.
  • Core Skill 4: Coach for Success.  Set the context for successful coaching. Clarify expectations. Observe the effort. Diagnose coaching needs. Address the needs.
  • Core Skill 5: Build Your Team.  Create team identity. Foster team trust. Ensure team accountability. Facilitate team performance. Guide team transition.
  • Core Skill 6: Lead Change.  Develop change readiness. Clearly define change. Communicate clearly during change. Manage resistance to change. Make change happen.

Learning Process

This workshop is designed to help you get immediate results within your role as a leader. In fact, you will begin working on your own real-time situations before the class is over. You will then be able to immediately apply the tools and templates on the job. Ideally, you will master core skills and best practices within the context of your everyday role. Knowing and doing are not the same thing. This workshop helps you DO the work of a leader – not just know more about leadership.


  • Receive the Pre-Workshop Packet
  • Attend the One-Day Workshop
  • Use Your Workbook as a Guide
  • Ask Questions to Your Facilitator
  • Discuss What You Learn
  • Check in with Your Coach


  • Apply What You Learn
  • Download and Use Online Toolkit
  • Complete Application Activities
  • Adjust the Templates to Your Situation


  • Check in with Your Facilitator
  • Track Your Progress
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Check in with Your Coach



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