Learning Leader Forum

Learning Leader Forum


Learning Point’s LEARNING LEADER FORUM provides the ideal platform for learning professionals to gain and exchange insights and inspiration on organizational learning.

If you believe that learning and leadership go hand in hand, that learning should be a strategic consideration, and that you can make a difference within your role as a learning leader, you will find these the Learning Leader Forum to be a very valuable investment.


60-Minute Web Panel Discussion

Target Audience

Learning and Development Executives and Practitioners, Managers, Team Leaders, Facilitators, Executive Coaches, and Leadership Development Professionals. Anyone who shares ownership and stewardship for strategic learning.


This web discussion will give you insight and inspiration on how to:
  1. Assess the learning capacity within your organization.
  2. Focus and unify your senior leadership team toward learning as a business strategy.
  3. Create a shared vision and philosophy for organization-wide learning.
  4. Incorporate day-to-day coaching into your learning strategy.
  5. Learn about and share best practices in learning methods and technology.
  6. Successfully partner with organizational leaders in successful learning strategies.
  7. Measure and track the return on learning investment.
  8. Successfully transfer learning to action, change, and results.


What’s Included In The Web Panel Discussion


  • Strategic Learning Assessment
  • Best Practice Links and References
  • Recording of the Web Discussion

60-Minute Web Discussion

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Introduction of Web Discussion Guests
  • Panel Discussion of Key Topics
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Next Steps
  • Wrap-up


Download a copy of the Learning Leader Forum Brochure by clicking on the image below.

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