Our Approach

We help you achieve world-class supervision and front-line leadership.

We define the SUPERVISOR as anyone who directly oversees the work of another. SUPERVISORS have the stewardship to help those they supervise SUCCEED in their respective roles and responsibilities.

Supervision in today’s workplace is all about leadership. And we believe that leadership on the shop floor is as important as leadership on the top floor. Our focus is to help organizations develop and sustain strong leadership on the front line. That is where work gets done. That is where value is gained or lost, culture is shaped, and change is implemented.

Front-line leaders – SUPERVISORS – have their hands all over the success of the organization. Every day. Our role is to help supervisors excel at leading and succeeding in their role.

Our approach is three-fold:

  1. We help the senior leadership team develop, articulate, and implement their own approach to STRATEGIC SUPERVISION.
  2. We help the managers of supervisors provide STRATEGIC COACHING to those that report to them.
  3. We help the supervisor and front-line leader MASTER the FUNDAMENTALS of effective supervision.

Our approach begins by recognizing that YOUR approach is what matters most.

Perhaps the best thing about Strategic Supervision is that it recognizes that the best approach to supervision within your organization is YOUR approach to supervision. We simply help you define, articulate, own, and implement that approach. Our role is to provide a roadmap and set of tools and templates that bring your approach to life.

What results are you after?

Strategic Supervision will produce measurable gains in SAFETY, QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY, COST, and CULTURE. What would a 20% increase in any of those five areas mean to your organization? Is such an increase possible? We believe it is. We can help you measure it. We can help you make it happen.

What kind of an investment would you be willing to make in order to realize that kind of gain?

Begin with an Executive Overview

We desire to earn your trust as a capable and collaborative partner when it comes to Strategic Supervision. Our Executive Overview will give you valuable information and tools that you can begin using immediately. It will also help you determine whether we would be a good fit, as partners, in helping and supporting you with your approach to supervision.

We look forward to the opportunity to hold an Executive Overview session with your leadership team. We look forward to learning more about your organization and sharing with you what we know about supervision. We would love to help you achieve measurable results through Strategic Supervision.

If you see the value that can be harvested from front-line leadership and are looking to build commitment, competence, and collaboration within your supervisory ranks, we hope you will consider talking with us. We are confident that our discussion will provide valuable, unifying information for you and your leadership team. We are also confident that Strategic Supervision will help you realize significant, measurable gains in the results that matter most to you.

Contact us to discuss how Strategic Supervision
can help your organization.

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