Lead with Safety Project

Learning Point’s LEAD with SAFETY PROJECT is uniting a wide array of organizations who share the common goal to create and sustain cultures of safety.

If you believe that people are the vitality of your organization and that safety leadership is an essential business strategy, please contact us to learn more about the LEAD with SAFETY PROJECT.

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Our Vision

Help organizations around the world harvest the true value of creating and sustaining safe work cultures.

Our Method

  • Provide you and your organization with a proven road map (8 great steps) to launch, develop, and sustain a safe work culture.
  • Connect you with other organizations and safety professionals who desire to collaborate with each other in learning, sharing, and implementing best practices.
  • Conduct audits and assessments with you to help you know where your organization is and what results you have achieved.
  • Hold monthly web sessions that are packed with practical tools and methods.
  • Provide templates to help you implement the next step within your organization.
  • Hold summit sessions (like mini conferences) to share success stories.
  • Provide highly effective supervisor training that you can deliver yourself internally.
  • Provide a complete suite of safety solutions tailored specifically to your organization and support you as you implement the solutions.
  • Provide to you monthly one-on-one coaching sessions.
  • Send email packets each week that you can then distribute to your managers, supervisors, and workforce.
  • Help you track and measure business results from the Lead with Safety Project.
  • Help you ensure effective follow-up and accountability.

8 Great Steps

The Lead with Safety project guides you and your organization through 8 essential steps to building and sustaining a great safety culture.

  1. Initial Audit – Baseline
  2. Vision and Strategy
  3. Six P’s
  4. Summit Session
  5. Scoreboard
  6. Supervisor Boot Camp
  7. Solution Implementation
  8. Follow-up Audit – Results

The Investment

  • Pay a small start-up fee.
  • Pay a fixed monthly fee.
  • Continue for as long as you see value.
  • Stop at any time.
  • Target time frame to complete 8 Steps is 12 months.

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