Supervisor Boot Camp

We help you develop great supervisors by
providing them with fundamental skills and tools.

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Supervisor Boot Camp is a powerful learning experience that provides managers and supervisors with the skills, tools, and best practices they need to excel in their role as leader and to harvest true value for their organization.

For over twenty five years, Learning Point has had the privilege of helping thousands of individuals, supervisors, managers, coaches and professionals of all kinds, in hundreds of organizations, achieve higher levels of supervisory success.

We have learned that there are a few fundamentals that make all the difference. They are contained in Supervisor Boot Camp. This workshop provides the base and sets the course for ongoing and sustained success as a supervisor. Participants are able to define and own their role as a supervisor and a leader. They leave the workshop having practiced some of the most crucial tasks that supervisors face. They leave with a framework for their ongoing learning and development as a supervisor and a leader.

Supervisor Boot Camp has been incredibly effective, in a variety of work settings, primarily because it provides:

  • Relevant hands-on learning
  • Practical application of tools and methods
  • Measured success after the class

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Target Audience

Front-line leaders, supervisors, team leaders, working leads, foremen, emerging leaders.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn The Six Core Skills of Strategic Supervision. They are:

  1. Own Your Role.
  2. Build Relationships of Trust.
  3. Interact with Impact.
  4. Coach for Success.
  5. Build Your Team.
  6. Lead Through Change.

Participants will also learn The Eight Core Practices of Strategic Supervision. They are:

  1. Team Focus Meetings
  2. Scoreboard
  3. Daily Contact
  4. One-on-One Discussions
  5. Weekly Plans
  6. Weekly Stewardship Reports
  7. Standard Work
  8. Team Learning Matrix


Here is what a typical SUPERVISOR BOOT CAMP workshop looks like.


  • Welcome and Overview
  • Leadership Exercise
  • Your Essential Role as Leader
  • Core Skills and Core Practices
  • Core Skill #1 – Own Your Role
  • Core Skill #2 – Build Relationships
  • Core Skill #3 – Interact with Impact
  • Core Skill #4 – Coach for Success
  • Core Skill #5 – Build Your Team
  • Core Skill #6 – Lead Through Change
  • Mastering the Fundamentals
  • Supervisor Toolbox
  • Workshop Wrap-up


  • Follow-up Discussions after the Workshop
  • Online Challenge Assignments
  • Online Support

Sample Materials

Download a copy of the SUPERVISOR BOOT CAMP brochure by clicking on the image.
Download samples of the SUPERVISOR BOOT CAMP tools by clicking below.

Workbook Samples

Supervisor Boot Camp

Worksheet & Tool Samples

Conflict Resolution
Problem Solving

Delivery Options


Our senior facilitators can deliver Supervisor Boot Camp Workshops in-house to up to 25 of your internal supervisors and front-line leaders per session. Your leaders will then have a common set of skills and tools for leading their teams and work units.


The Supervisor Boot Camp session and its materials can be modified to fit the specific requirements of your organization. This includes modifying the tools, examples, and practice situations, as well as placing your branding on the materials.


We can prepare and certify your internal trainers to facilitate the Supervisor Boot Camp Workshop within your organization.

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