Five Climbs Series




Five Climbs provides a powerful learning experience that blends formal training, personalized coaching, group learning, agile technology, and everyday work into one integral leadership development process.

Target Audience

Workplace leaders who are ready for serious growth.


Register for the entire Five Climbs learning experience for one set tuition fee of $699. Your tuition includes everything you will need to complete the series.

Five Climbs Tuition: $699.

Register for one of the following options.

Each Five Climbs option below includes an Overview Module, Five Focused Online Modules (the Five Climbs), plus a Summit Module. Complete the online mdoules when they work best in your schedule. Then apply the skills and tools within the context of your job. Check in with your facilitator at any time. Engage your coach all along the way.

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Five Climbs Overview


  • Take Each Online Session
  • Use Your Workbook as a Rich Reference
  • Complete Your Targeted Learning Plan
  • Download Practical Tools and Templates
  • Interact and Collaborate with Your Learning Team
  • Ask Questions to Your Facilitator
  • Share What You Learn with Your Actual Work Team
  • Engage Your Coach All Along the Way


  • Apply What You Learn in Your Own Environment
  • Download the Online Tools
  • Complete Your Application Assignments
  • Check In with Your Facilitator
  • Collaborate with Your Learning Team
  • Adjust the Templates to Your Situation
  • Keep a Learning Journal


  • Check in with Your Facilitator
  • Share Your Success with Your Learning Team
  • Track Your Progress and ROI
  • Ask for Feedback
  • Share Your Success with Your Coach
  • Continue Your Learning Journal
  • Continue to Climb

Five Climbs Learning Process

Five Climbs is a leadership development experience that spans a six-month time frame. It is intensive learning, both online and on-the-job, for those who are serious about growing their leadership capacity.

Founded by Mark Christensen, Five Climbs combines top drawer leadership content, powerful learning practices, and state-of-the-art technology to engage groups of learners in a unique leadership development experience.

Just like climbing a mountain, the growth is in the climb. Five Climbs doesn’t just teach you about leadership. It helps you learn how to lead. The learning is in the doing. Five Climbs makes that possible.

“The learning is in the doing.”

Each of the “Five Climbs” is facilitated by our team of highly experienced leadership coaches. The process engages the learner in both individual and group learning.

During each phase, each learner will set their own customized learning roadmap and will be accountable to practice and apply what they learn on the job. While they are learning, doing, and checking, the learners will be interacting with each other, with their facilitators, and with close associates within their own work environment.

The learning process is uniquely synchronous and asynchronous. Leaders learn by doing, with virtual sessions, application tools, value-added projects, milestones and deadlines, group discussions, and face-to-face web discussions. It is entirely a remote learning experience, where leaders are able to participate, connect, and collaborate from their own device at home, at work, or on the road.

Register for the Five Climbs Series – $699

Choose the learning period that works best for you.

Each series option below spans five months and includes five online lessons, application assignments, and direct interaction with a professional facilitator.

Please call us if you have questions 888-823-1646.

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Download a copy of the Five Climbs Brochure by clicking on the image below.