Interaction is at the heart of leadership. It’s more than mechanics and it’s more than desire. It is a craft. And the craft can be – should be – mastered by every workplace leader.

The Collaborate workshop provides workplace leaders with an advanced set of tools, templates, and practice opportunities so that they can approach even the most challenging conversations with confidence and proficiency. Through a variety of hands-on practice exercises, participants will set a pattern for ongoing skill mastery back on the job. The outcomes will be a more conducive work environment, higher trust, clearer expectations, shared understanding, increased synergy, and enhanced resiliency. Yeah . . . it’s that good.


One Day
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors, and Team Leaders. Anyone whose success depends on their ability to interact with, influence, and collaborate with others.

Dates in the Northwest

March 19, 2020 – OPEN
September 17, 2020 – OPEN

Learning Process

You Will Learn How To:
  1. Create and sustain an environment conducive to collaboration.
  2. Effectively identify conflict situations and turn them into opportunities for collaboration.
  3. Set the tone for positive and professional communication each day.
  4. Productively prepare for and hold challenging conversations.
  5. Help others succeed in the conversations you hold with them.
  6. Frame and guide conversations so that they remain focused, safe, balanced, and productive.
  7. Master the skills of both EXPLORING and INFORMING.
  8. Effectively identify and respond to emotionally charged behavior.
  9. Gain closure to the conversations you hold and transition effectively from talk to action.


What’s Included In The Collaborate Workshop
  • Self-Assessment
  • Participant Workbook
  • Application Tools (PDF)

One Day Agenda

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Collaboration Exercise
  • Self-Assessment
  • Collaborate Model
  • Collaborate Toolbox
  • Lunch
  • Practice and Application Game
  • Online Tools
  • Session Wrap-up

After Workshop

  • Follow-up Discussions after the Workshop
  • Online Challenge Assignments
  • Online Support


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Download a Collaborate Brochure.

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