HR Basics for the Workplace Leader


Because HR Is Indeed Your Business!

True. You’re not a human resources professional. But HR is central to your role as a leader. And knowing a few basics can make all the difference in maximizing employee engagement and avoiding painful pitfalls.

This one-day workshop will provide a solid foundation for any manager or supervisor.

  • Do you consider HR to be an essential part of your role as a leader?
  • Do you know the basics and significance of employment laws and regulations?
  • Are you fully utilizing the people systems that exist within your organization?
  • Are you aware of the legal pitfalls and risky situations that might exist within your area of responsibility?
  • Do you know where you can go for help in dealing with specific HR situations?
  • Do you have access to practical tools for handling HR issues?


One Day | 8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Target Audience

Anyone who leads, manages or supervises others at work.

Dates in the Northwest

April 14, 2020 – OPEN
October 8, 2020 – OPEN

Learning Process

You Will Learn How To:
  1. Own the HR responsibilities within your role as a leader.
  2. Understand the basics and significance of HR law.
  3. Leverage the people systems within your organization.
  4. Apply proven principles that will help you avoid legal pitfalls.
  5. Get the help you need when dealing with specific HR situations.
  6. Apply a variety of proven HR tools to help you lead others at work.


What You Will Get From This Workshop
  • HR Is Your Business
  • Basics of Employment Law
  • Leveraging Your People Systems
  • Avoiding Legal Pitfalls
  • Knowing Where to Go for Help
  • Your HR Toolkit


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