Service Excellence Workshop


The ability to compete through quality service is becoming critically important. Success requires sound service practices – strategies, systems, and skills to ensure customer satisfaction. Service is not just an issue for those who interact with the customer. It is a business requirement for every group and individual in the entire organization.

SERVICE EXCELLENCE provides participants with a roadmap for examining and improving the service they provide at the individual, workgroup, or organizational level.

Learning Point’s collection of service excellence solutions is the result of nearly 20 years of experience working alongside thousands of general managers, service managers, and service professionals in numerous industries and operating environments. One theme continues to stand true: “Tools are great, but only if the culture can sustain them. The tools mean nothing unless the people will own them and use them to create organizational success.” SERVICE EXCELLENCE is designed to help leaders create the culture and implement the tools that lead to operating excellence.


One Day
8:30 am to 4:30 pm

Target Audience

Anyone who has customers. Service professionals. Business owners. Internal support professionals. Service leaders. Customer service representatives.

Dates in 2019

November 20 – CLOSED / FULL

Learning Process

You Will Learn How To:
  1. Articulate your service philosophy for your own role, workgroup, and organization..
  2. Build strong relationships with key stakeholders, both “uptstream” and “downstream.”
  3. Develop strong service interaction skills.
  4. Recover effectively from service problems and mishaps.
  5. Diagram, analyze, and improve service systems.
  6. Ask for and learn from the customer’s perspective.


What’s Included in the Service Excellence Workshop.


    • Welcome and Overview
    • Service as a Strategic Competitive Weapon
    • The Service Excellence Model
    • Creating a Service Philosophy
    • Managing Service Relationships
    • Building Service Interaction Skills


    • Warm-up Activity
    • Recovering from Service Mishaps
    • Studying and Improving Service Systems
    • Practice and Application
    • Challenge Assignment
    • Ensuring Success After the Class
    • Workshop Wrap-up



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