Supervisor Boot Camp Series

The Supervisor Boot Camp Series is the premier training series for helping supervisors and managers take ownership for their role and become influential leaders within their organization. Learn more about each workshop by clicking the appropriate button below or register for the whole series by clicking the button to the right.

Series SBC 1 Mastering The Fundamentals SBC 2 Maximizing Performance SBC 3 Sustaining Excellence
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What will be covered in the workshop.

  • Own Your Role
  • Build Relationships
  • Communicate with Impact
  • Resolve Conflict
  • Clarify Expectations
  • Coach for Success
  • Create Focus and Accountability
  • Develop Meaningful Measures
  • Plan for Desired Performance
  • Sustain Consistent Execution
  • Review Process and Results
  • Reinforce Desired Performance
  • Create a Conducive Environment
  • Build Team Identity and Trust
  • Foster Shared Leadership
  • Ensure Safety and Respect
  • Share and Standardize Best Practices
  • Lead Change and Transition



Tools to measure strengths and needs.

  • Supervisor Skills Assessment
  • Working Styles Inventory
  • Individual Performance Analysis
  • Team Performance Assessment
  • Workplace Audit
  • Change Readiness Assessment



Tools and templates for immediate application on the job.

  • Know Your Role Roadmap
  • Communication Worksheet
  • Conflict Resolution Worksheet
  • Relationship Management Tool
  • Coaching Roadmap and Worksheet
  • Coaching Roadmap and Worksheet
  • Performance Roadmap
  • SMART Tool
  • Accountability Tool
  • Scoreboard Tool
  • Team Success Tools
  • 5S Tool
  • Process Improvement Tool
  • Problem Solving Tools
  • Change Roadmap

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