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A new year awaits you. Without question, it can be phenomenal. But it’s up to you to make it so. That’s right. You determine what the year will be, for you. In fact, you determine phenomenal for your entire future. You make the difference.

I know. Sounds platitudinous. Just believe and all will be good. That’s not quite where I am going here, although I believe in believing. Here’s my point. Regardless of what happens to you this year. Good or bad. Regardless of whether it happens because of you or despite you. Whether you believed it would happen or not. It doesn’t matter. That stuff doesn’t make or unmake phenomenal. You do. Regardless of that stuff, whatever it is, you make the difference. It’s all in how you respond to it. Will you leave situations, people, and things better than you find them? Regardless of how you find them? You can make the difference if you choose to. It’s that simple. It is a choice. It’s about leadership. Leadership from you.

Making the difference is what leadership is all about. Think of it as “leadership in the trenches.” And it is in the trenches where leadership matters most. Where the difference is made the most. It is there that leadership is needed the most. Leadership from you and people like you. Leadership at home, not Hollywood. On the shop floor, not the top floor. In the break room, not the boardroom. In the pews as well as at the podium.

So, will you decide this year to make a difference? Each day make a difference. Start each day making the choice to make a difference. The world needs your leadership. Those in your world need your leadership. Lead where you are and you will make a difference. Just think of the difference that could be made in the world if every person started each day making that choice. Even every other person. How about just twenty percent? How about we just start with you, and me?

Let’s make the choice. Let’s make a difference. Our leadership is needed.

Phenomenal awaits.

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