Strategic Coaching

We help you develop great supervisors by helping you
provide great coaching to your supervisors.

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Supervisors, front-line leaders, and leaders in the trenches become great, in part, because of great coaching. Steady, regular, strategic coaching. It is perhaps the most valuable type of development a supervisor can receive. And, although it can come from various sources, we believe that it comes best when it comes from the supervisor’s direct boss. That’s right, the person to whom that front-line leader reports.

We also recognize that the “boss” is not always fully WILLING or ABLE to provide great coaching. That is why the Strategic Coaching Method is such a crucial part of the Strategic Supervision process.

Our STRATEGIC COACHING WORKSHOP is typically a two-day learning experience that provides a practical roadmap and set of proven tools for coaching workplace leaders in an ongoing, intentional, and strategic manner.

Through a variety of hands-on exercises participants will practice a five-step coaching method that can be applied immediately on the job. The Strategic Coaching Method is NOT something the coach does to the coachee. It is a process that the coach and coachee work through together. The outcome is an increase in both operating RESULTS and leadership CAPACITY.

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One Day

Target Audience

Anyone who has direct reports. Particularly those who desire to develop leadership and supervisory capacity in their direct reports.

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Learning Outcomes

Participants will learn how to:
  1. Establish their role as a coach.
  2. Set the context for successful coaching.
  3. Create a long range plan with each person they intend to coach.
  4. Hold effective one-on-one coaching discussions.
  5. Issue coaching challenges that motivate and elevate the person they are coaching.
  6. Follow-up, verify, and ensure accountability for progress.
  7. Diagnose both performance and development needs and apply appropriate coaching methods to address those needs.
Participants will leave with these practical tools:
  • Context for Coaching Worksheet
  • Trust Ladder Tool
  • Long-Range Plan Template
  • 1-on-1 Coaching Guide
  • Coaching Roadmap
  • Coaching Challenge Template
  • Supervisor Success Scoreboard Tool
  • Success Verification Toolbox
  • Greater Need Diagnostic Tool
  • In-depth Coaching Discussion Template


Here is what a typical STRATEGIC COACHING workshop looks like.
  • Welcome and Overview
  • The Essential Role of Coach
  • Coaching Simulation
  • The Coaching Roadmap and Toolkit
  • Step 1: Set the Context for Coaching
  • Step 2: Create the Long Range Plan
  • Step 3: Coach to the Plan – 1 on 1 Discussions
  • Practice and Application
  • Step 4: Follow-up and Verify
  • Step 5: Coach to the Greater Need
  • Practice and Application
  • Challenge Assignment
  • Ensuring Ongoing Success
  • Online Toolbox
  • Workshop Wrap-up

Post Check

  • Follow-up Discussions after the Workshop
  • Online Challenge Assignments
  • Online Support

Sample Materials

Download a copy of the STRATEGIC COACHING Brochure by clicking on the image.
Download samples of the coaching tools by clicking below.

Delivery Options


One of our senior facilitators can deliver an in-house Strategic Coaching Workshop to up to 20 of your internal leaders/coaches. They will then be equipped and ready to begin using the Strategic Coaching Method.


The Strategic Coaching Method and its materials can be modified to fit the specific requirements of your organization. This includes incorporating your internal forms, policies, and procedures as well as placing your branding on the materials.


We can prepare and certify your internal trainers to facilitate the Strategic Coaching Workshop and support the Strategic Coaching Method within your organization.

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