Strategic Supervision

Our Executive Overview will provide you
with a solid roadmap for implementing
Strategic Supervision within your organization.

  • Overview
  • 10 Key Principles
  • 9 Step Roadmap
  • Materials
  • Delivery


Supervisors are good for business and STRATEGIC SUPERVISION is great for business!

When done correctly, supervision produces significant, measurable gains in SAFETY, QUALITY, PRODUCTIVITY, COST, and CULTURE. There are several considerations when developing your supervisors. The approach should be strategic and the process tailored to your organization. It needs to be more than just training. And the “cookie cutter” approach won’t be adequate.

Our STRATEGIC SUPERVISION EXECUTIVE OVERVIEW will provide you and your leadership team with the roadmap, template, tools, and wisdom to successfully install and sustain supervisory best practices within your organization. And perhaps the best thing about Strategic Supervision is that it recognizes that the best approach to supervision within your organization is YOUR approach to supervision. We simply help you define and articulate that approach.

We also recognize that you are looking for a trusted and competent solution provider, someone you can partner with throughout the entire process. We would like to be that partner. The Strategic Supervision Executive Overview will give you great information and tools that you can begin using immediately. It will also help you determine whether we will be a good fit as partners in helping and supporting you in the process.

We look forward to the opportunity to hold a Strategic Supervision Overview session with your leadership team. We look forward to learning more about your organization and sharing with you what we know about supervision. We look forward to the opportunity to earn your trust as a capable and collaborative partner.

If you are looking to build strategic supervision within your organization and see the value that can be harvested from building commitment, capacity, and collaboration within your front-line leaders, please consider our Strategic Supervision Executive Overview as a starting point. We are confident that the session will provide valuable information and will likely help to unify you as a leadership team. We are also confident that Strategic Supervision will help you realize significant, measurable gains in the results that matter most to you.

Contact us to discuss how Strategic Coaching can help your organization strategically develop your supervisors.


Two-Hour Format
Half-Day Format

Target Audience

Senior executives, general managers, plant managers, management teams and those responsible for creating and sustaining productive work environments.

10 Key Principles

These numbers tell an important story about how to strategically grow your leaders!
  1. One Approach.
  2. Two Key Outcomes.
  3. Three Collaborative Roles.
  4. Four Key Systems.
  5. Five Key Indicators.
  6. Six Core Skills.
  7. Seven Learning Venues.
  8. Eight Core Practices.
  9. Nine Step Process.
  10. Ten Months to Results.

Download our white paper on our 10 Key Principles of Strategic Supervision and Leadership Development.

Nine Step Roadmap

We provide a 9-Step Roadmap that aligns the organization and maximizes results. Our Roadmap provides a template that can, and should, be tailored to meet the internal goals and priorities of the organization.
  1. Baseline View
  2. Vision and Philosophy
  3. Blueprint
  4. Leadership Alignment
  5. Coach and Verify
  6. Core Skills
  7. Core Practices
  8. Summit View
  9. Sustain

Download our 9 Step Roadmap.


Download a copy of the STRATEGIC SUPERVISION Brochure by clicking on the image.
Download samples of the coaching tools by clicking below.

Delivery Options


The Strategic Coaching method and materials can be modified to fit the specific requirements of your organization. This includes placing your branding on the materials.


We can prepare and certify your internal leaders and facilitators to facilitate the Strategic Coaching Workshop within your organization.

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