Join us for our September Supervisor Bootcamp Workshop!

Unleash your leadership mojo.

A live workshop + powerful toolkit to help you lead an unstoppable team that produces amazing results.

Take a moment and imagine…

What if you could do more than simply survive, but thrive with true credibility as a leader?

What if all your people trusted you and responded well to your coaching and direction?

What if your managers recognized you for your efforts and helped you succeed in your role?

And what if your team saw a 20% increase in quality, productivity, safety, efficiency, and morale thanks to your leadership?

The answer: an amazing, successful workplace you can be proud of.

Join the thousands of leaders who are owning their role and creating powerful teams through Learning Point’s Supervisor Bootcamp Workshop.

What makes Supervisor Bootcamp so different?

You’re a good boss. But we all know it’s not easy. Everyday you feel the pressure of productivity, the elusiveness of engagement, and the misery of mediocrity. Let us help you become that great boss that provides truly great leadership.

Practical tools

You’ll take away step-by-step roadmaps, tools, and templates that will help you unleash your leadership mojo.

Measurable results

Using the tools with your team, you’ll see a measurable impact in your organization’s most important areas.

Ongoing Support

After the workshop, we’ll continue to provide FREE support to answer your questions through our online portal.

If you’re like many leaders, you fight off mediocrity every day. It comes in the form of confusion, indifference, fear, contention, misunderstanding, inconsistency — the list goes on. How can you sink your teeth into your leadership role, gain the credibility you need, and transform your team into what you know it can be?

We believe that you have the mojo. What you might not have is the proper tools and approaches to truly unleash that mojo.

During our 2-day live workshop you’ll, you gain a clear roadmap and actionable tools that are easy to apply so that you can start making magic happen almost immediately within your team.

Supervisor Bootcamp will help you:

  • Turn confusion into clarity.
  • Turn conflict into collaboration.
  • Turn complacency into high capacity.
  • Turn chaos into consistent improvement.
  • Turn your good leadership into great leadership.

Go ahead. Sign up. You’re worth it. More importantly, the people you lead are worth it. Don’t settle for good. Go for great.

"We sent our newly promoted Supervisors through Supervisor Boot Camp and the return on investment far exceeded our expectations."

Manager of a 911 Center

“The best training I have ever attended.”


“This is a must for all new or experienced supervisors. The Boot Camp covered a wide variety of topics and every topic gave me something to apply to my everyday work.”

Operations Manager

What’s my investment?

It’s time to stop putting out fires, fielding complaints, and dealing with mediocrity. Consider how much these thankless activities are costing you, your team, and your organization. If any degree of disunity and lackluster effort is allowed to continue, how will that effect your team and your position in the long run? Just as thousands before you, you too can launch your team to a new level of greatness.

All you need is a different approach.

$699 $599

$100 off when you register by the Early Bird deadline.

Workshop Schedule

  1. Welcome and Overview
  2. Creating Success as a Supervisor
  3. Gaining Clarity
  4. Lunch
  5. Fostering Collaboration
  6. Day One Wrap up
  1. Day Two Start-up
  2. Developing Capacity
  3. Lunch
  4. Ensuring Consistency
  5. Making the Choice
  6. Mastering the Skills
  7. Workshop Wrap-up
  • Know Yourself Worksheet
  • Know Your People Worksheet
  • Clarify Expectations Tool
  • Collaboration Tool
  • Coaching Roadmap
  • Coaching Worksheet
  • Coaching Discussion Tool
  • Consistency Improvement Tool

We view the workshop as the “starting line,” not the finish line. The real learning happens after the workshop is over–on the job. That is why we’ll give you FREE access to a collaborative online learning space where you can continue to ask questions, get support, and review what you’ve learned.

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OCT 25-26, 2017

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