Strategic Leadership Forum


Learning Point’s STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP FORUM focuses on raising the level of leadership within the workplace. The virtual discussions provide you access to current and candid conversations with a variety of credible leaders and experts on the realities, challenges, and strategies in growing leadership at all levels.

If you believe that leadership is crucial to your organization’s success and that it should be a strategic consideration, you will find these web discussions to be extremely refreshing and valuable.


50-Minute Web Panel Discussion

Target Audience

Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders, Safety Managers, and Leadership Development Professionals. Anyone who shares ownership and stewardship for strategically growing ladership.


This web panel discussion will give you insight and inspiration on how to:
  1. Assess the leadership strength of your organization.
  2. Focus and unify your senior leadership team.
  3. Create a shared vision and philosophy for organization-wide leadership.
  4. Provide solid, consistent, and ongoing coaching the leaders at all levels.
  5. Build and sustain sound systems for supporting leadership.
  6. Facilitate learning, applying, and mastering core leadership skills and practices.
  7. Measure the results of a strategic leadership system.
  8. Sustain your strategic leadership effort.


What’s Included In The Web Panel Discussion


  • Strategic Leadership Assessment
  • Strategic Leadership Roadmap
  • Recording of the Web Discussion

60-Minute Web Discussion

  • Welcome and Overview
  • Introduction of Web Discussion Guests
  • Panel Discussion of Key Topics
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Next Steps
  • Wrap-up


Download a copy of the Strategic Leadership Forum Brochure by clicking on the image below.

Register for Strategic Leadership Forum

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